A Cherished Item

An item I cherish most is a ring my grandmother gave me when I graduated high school. The ring had been an anniversary present from my grandfather to her, so it obviously has a lot of meaning to it. My grandparents are extremely important to me so most of the time I don’t even wear […]


In today’s world, I feel that conformity is something very easy to fall into. Everyone is so concerned with fitting in and being liked, that they forget how to be themselves. Being in a sorority, I constantly feel like people think that me and my sisters are all alike and we don’t hang out with […]


What is it about integrity that is so hard for people to grasp. It’s an easy enough concept; basically living in accordance to ethics and how sound your own character is. But even as I’m sitting here trying to write about, I find myself having trouble. Integrity seems hard to find these days. People are […]


Being raised in a small town in the South, I feel as if sometimes it’s hard for people to have their own opinions, especially those differing from their parents. Close-mindedness is passed down, I feel; passed down like hatred, racism, etc. Some people stay closed off in their own little world and refuse to come […]

What’s Important in Life?

Answering this question is difficult for me. There are many different aspects of my life that I find important: family, school, love, happiness, etc. Are any of those more important than the others? No, not particularly. So I guess the most important thing in my life is balance. Being able to balance out all of […]

Self Absorption Being the Connection

Have you ever laid down at the end of a day and tried to think of how many times you thought about yourself or ignored someone’s problems in favor of your own? I know for me, the outcome would be appalling. When we’re children, we’re taught to be mindful of others and to respect their […]