Cherished Item

I would have to say their aren’t many material things that I actually cherish. I don’t have really memorable moments with any material things, rather with my friends and family. I guess I would have to say I cherish pictures. I love to look back at pictures from high school and remember the best days of my […]

A Time I Was Sorry…

There have been a lot of times in my life when I have been sorry.. sorry for saying something mean, sorry calling someone a name, or sorry for doing something wrong. I have no problem saying sorry for something I know I have done wrong, it may take me a while to figure out what […]


Conformity to me is something that isn’t always bad. Lots of people always associate conformity with being negative and taking ones identity away, and sometimes that is the case. Other times you can conform to fit the needs that are appropriate for the situation. I think the only time conformity is bad is to try […]


Integrity is defined as a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes. I like to think that I am a person of integrity, and I respect all people that show some sort of integrity. I think integrity comes with maturity and honesty. All of these values seemed to be linked together […]

Being Open Minded 2-25-13

When I think of being open minded, or open minded people I think about people who are accepting of new ideas, and are willing to accept change. Open mindedness has to do with being able to obviously open your mind and view things in other perspectives, not just your own. I think open minded people […]

What’s Important In Life?

What’s important in life? Happiness. It all depends on what makes you happy. The things that light up your life, and give you an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Some things that make me happy are: family, music, originality, truthfulness, and lots of other things. Without these things in my life there isn’t happiness. Lots of […]

Self-Absorption – Jimmy Richardson

When I first think of self absorption my mind immediately takes me to a cocky person, that doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, or opinions. Somoneone who is obsessed with themselves, and only thinks about things that are beneficial to them. Usually people may associate celebrities with self absorption, because some of them seem very […]