A Cherished Item – Jonathan Reyes

Most of us, if not all, obtain an item during our childhood that we instantly become attached to. Some people even manage to keep this cherished item throughout their adolescent years and onto their adulthood. Others, reminisce over the fond memories they experienced specifically with that dear, cherished item…and sometimes they even ponder where they […]

Conformity – Jonathan Reyes

The act of conforming hasn’t always been my ‘cup of tea.’ I would always struggle with the idea of someone having authority over me or even allowing myself to conform to anything I was not comfortable with. What I am saying, is that I’m not much of a conforming individual, clearly. I personally never took […]

Integrity – Jonathan Reyes

When Integrity comes to my mind, I feel as if I’m looking in the mirror. My mother has been everything in my life as far as support; instilling moral values, good behavior, and manners; and the most important thing my mother valued was honesty. The concept of honesty was held high in my household, and […]

Open Minded – Jonathan Reyes

The characteristic of being open minded is something that I hold dear to my heart. This very quality has played a huge role in my life over the years. In my personal opinion, being open minded allows people to open their soul to everything that the world presents to them. I believe that any person […]

Jonathan Reyes (Self-Absorption)

The very characteristic of self absorption is interesting, because I personally had this conflict at an earlier stage of my life. I had always been the only child up until the year of 2008, and I never knew what it was to really be selfless prior to this date. When my mother had my younger […]