My Cherished Item – Sydney Deese

A cherished item is something that holds precious to your heart. It is something that is of high importance to someone  in some way. My most cherished item would be my purity ring. When I was sixteen years old, I decided to buy my own purity ring at the Lifeway Christian Store. Ever since that day, I have worn it every day on my right pointer finger. Numerous of people ask me why I do not wear it on my left ring finger. It has always been personal, but I wear it on my right hand because I feel it is only between God and I. It is not necessary for me to show it off, and allow others to see that I want to wait before marriage. If someone happens to ask what my ring says, then I will clearly tell them. I would not mind sharing my story with them at all. The words engraved in my ring say “true love waits.” I desire to wait and stay pure until marriage; it has always been something that I have been passionate about.  When I get married and have my own children, I would love to pass my ring onto them. This allows them to make the decision for themselves, just as I did. No one has ever forced me to decide this; I believe that it is the most precious gift to give to my husband.


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