My Cherished Item – Sarah Cain

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.”

-Richard L Evans


 A cherished item is something that you feel or show affection for.


When I first received my most treasured item, I didn’t consider it to be a treasure at all… in fact, I hated it.


My grandmother, Francis Cain, is a first generation immigrant from Portugal. Her whole family lived there until she was about six years old and then decided to make the big move to America. My grandma is very into her Portuguese roots. I got my olive colored complexion from her and owe her many thanks for it, as I get older.


It was a ceremony of some sorts when she handed down a doll from her childhood to me. At that time, I was younger and didn’t really understand why she gave me this old, porcelain doll with raggedy clothes and ripped shoes. It came with an old photo of my grandma as a little girl, holding the doll fresh out of the box. I thought it was nice that she had given me her old toy, but the second she left, I placed in in my closet and wished to never see it again.


A couple years later, my grandparents made the long trip from New York to my house. I had long forgotten the doll and didn’t even think about taking it out of my closet. My mom and I had left the house to return to a disruption that I never would have imagined. My grandma was crying, my dad was furious and I had no idea what had occurred until I saw the old doll lying on my bed. I felt really bad leaving it up in my closet, but I felt even worse to see my grandma so upset about it.


After the episode, my parents forced me to display it all times on my dresser. My dad even bought a case with a metal clip to hold her standing up straight. It gave me the creeps at night, just staring at me while I tried to sleep.


I didn’t like it. In fact, I could even venture to say I hated the fact that my parents made me keep it on display for the world to see. So one day, long after what happened with my grandma, I hid it up in my closet. Over time, I had piled things on top of it and the doll was no longer in sight. I didn’t understand the meaning of what that doll meant to my grandma, my dad or even my heritage.


I feel like I acted childish toward the doll that meant so much to my grandma and meant even more passing it down to me. I see the doll as something much more than just a cherished ITEM, but as a treasured affection from my grandma.




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