A cherished item

When I was about six years old my grandmother died of lung cancer. In some ways I feel like I didn’t know her very well, but I am always told that I was just like her. She was a free spirit all the time. She loved riding rollercoasters and she was an amazing dancer. When she died my grandfather was going through all of her things and found a stuffed animal she had had since she was a little girl. It was a little stuffed lamb with a red, white, and blue ribbon on it. She named it “Lammie.” My grandfather gave it to me and told me to take good care of her. Lammie was very old, she had some holes in her and her stuffing seemed to be falling out a little bit, but I loved that stuffed animal just the same. My mother knew how much it meant to me to have a piece of my grandmother with me all the time, so she took the time to sew Lammie back together again. Lammie was so old she didn’t look as good as knew, but she looked a lot better.
So now that Lammie is even older she just stays in my room at home. But she is still so special to me. I have always loved stuffed animals since I was very small. So once I get older and have children of my own, I would love to give Lammie to one of them. I would have to wait until they were a little bit older so they know that Lammie is very fragile. I would explain the story of my amazing grandma and how her spirit lives on in this adorable lamb. I hope they will cherish her as much as I have.


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