A Cherished Item – Jonathan Reyes

Most of us, if not all, obtain an item during our childhood that we instantly become attached to. Some people even manage to keep this cherished item throughout their adolescent years and onto their adulthood. Others, reminisce over the fond memories they experienced specifically with that dear, cherished item…and sometimes they even ponder where they managed to misplace it and sadly, lose it for what we know as forever. My very fond memory of a cherished item during my childhood is this tiny, red pillow. I held this item close to my heart specifically because it was handmade by my grandmother and given to me with love. On this pillow read, “I LOVE YOU,” and a soft slip of plastic was sewed onto it, so that pictures could be inserted for display on the pillow. The entire pillow on the surrounding corners were sewed-on ruffles with tiny heart designs on it. When I initially received this from my Grandmother, I felt so warm inside and I couldn’t believe that MY Grandmother had the ability to create something so beautiful…and it was mine! That moment on, I forever cherished this pillow with such sentimental value…and until this day, it sits pretty on my queen-sized bed and will continue to follow me further in life until I can pass on this special gift to my future children.


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