Michael Robinson | Cherished Item


To cherish is to hold something dear. It is another way of saying, “I treasure something”. So, to have something cherished, is like a treasure to someone.

If there was a cherished item I would give to someone I cared about, it would be my very first DSLR camera. Photography is my hobby and it has been in my life for many years and will continue to be with me until I am old.

The camera gives us the ability to capture moments and also to create art. I would love to pass my love for photography down to my future child or grandchild.

My first DSLR camera is what got me more serious about my photography and I now do it on a semiprofessional level. I have created hundreds of art as a result of my hobby and have made those I’ve met in my life really happy after seeing how they looked via the photograph.

But, the camera only represents the most important thing, to have an hobby of art. And, having an hobby of art is like a stress reliever that you can go to when life is hectic. Going out and taking photos is enjoyable, and whenever I do it; I forget about everything. It also gives you happiness, after seeing the result of something you captured and worked on. And, like I said, it puts smiles on the faces of those you have photographed and feeling that satisfaction.

I believe that to give that someone is precious. It’s not just giving an object, but an object that represents something that beneficial to one’s daily life. This can be applied to any object. I believe that a given object should have a life altering meaning attached to it.

I think it’s important to give. Not only objects, but things that can make another live in a much better/happy way.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”


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