Sometimes “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it…

As many stories as I have of me as a child, either trying to repel out of my three story bedroom window with my bed sheets tied together or when I stuck my tongue into a light socket to see if it would actually shock me (it did), I feel that I am the most sorry about something completely different. Of course, I could apologize to my mother for all of my countless shenanigans that terrified her, but instead, I feel that I owe an apology to myself. I haven’t always been a risk taker and for that, I feel that I have missed out on instances that could have been educational and beneficial. It’s not that I’m sorry for a specific thing I’ve done, but I am apologetic for the things that I did not do. I had a chance to study abroad for an entire semester with my big sister in my sorority. However, I decided not to take this opportunity. Situations like these don’t come around often and I cannot believe that I just let it slip through my fingers. Life is all about learning and gaining experience. A goal of mine is to travel as much as possible and I let this opportunity go that would have helped me continue my education and expand it. Even when I was a senior in high school, I was so locked down with my groups of friends, a majority of who did not leave our town for college, that I almost did not apply for college. As much as I love UNC Charlotte, it is only 45 minutes from my hometown, and when I did apply, this is the only school I went through with the application process. If I had given myself the benefit of the doubt and expanded my horizons, who knows where I could have ended up. My brother moved to NYC right when he graduated high school. He is successful and could not be happier. I believe that staying close to home was a blessing in disguise because it has encouraged me to broaden my horizons especially when searching for internships and jobs. I know that when I graduate, I will feel comfortable traveling and visiting other cities and countries for potential work because I won’t let myself miss out on another opportunity. If I want to do big things, I have to dream big. Never again will I feel sorry for myself. I will take any opportunity that comes my way. In the end, what’s the worst that could happen? Move to a new place? Meet some new people? People equipped with new techniques and skills that could benefit me? 


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