My guitar to my dad

I have played the piano since I was five. I have been playing for 75% of my life (what the heck.) I hadn’t really tried to play any other instrument aside from the ukulele. When I was a senior in high school, my friend Parker and I went to my sailboat together. He brought his guitar, and while we were on the boat he pulled out his guitar. He started playing Corey Smith’s song Twenty-One. I was stunned. It was then and there that I realized I loved the guitar. Parker started to teach me how to play that song, but it was a little advanced for me to learn in one setting, especially since I had never played the guitar before. I went home that night and taught myself how to read tabs. My dad had an old guitar that I tuned and practiced on. Later that week we went together to go shopping for a guitar. We had a great time just trying out these wonderful sounding guitars. After finding the one I wanted, he paid and we left. I say that my guitar is an important item to me because it soothes  me. If I’m upset about anything, or stressed about school, or whatever it may be even if I just want to play, it makes me stop what I’m thinking about and concentrate on the flow of the music.

I’d give the guitar to my dad because he used to play when he was younger. I’m not exactly sure when he stopped playing, but I know that he doesn’t play anymore. After I learned my senior year, he seemed to be kind of interested in picking it back up again. It wasn’t until this year when he seemed to want to learn. I told him I’d re-teach him. If anything were to happen to me, and that’s why he was receiving my guitar, I would hope that he would learn it again and it could bring peace to him again as well.


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