A Time I Was Really Sorry For What I Did- Sarah Cain

 “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.”

Proverbs 12:19 

It all happened when I was in middle school. My little brother, Ryan, is four years younger than I am. We used to play outside all of the time, even when I was in middle school. My parents were always very cautious about us playing outside and getting hurt, or even worse, hurting each other (intentional or unintentional).

Ryan and I had previously decided to do stupid things together before, including attaching a rope from the back of a bike to a scooter and pulling it down a hill. Or the time that I was riding on the front pegs of his small bike and a sharp turn caused us to both hit the concrete.

I remember the day clearly. Ryan and I had gotten older, so the childish ways we experienced years ago seemed immature. This time we were just playing around on my driveway, not doing anything too dangerous. He was playing around on a skateboard we had and the bright idea occurred that would be fun to “ride” the skateboard around by pushing each other. 

It happened so quickly, I was pushing Ryan around our concrete pavement and I decided to give him one big shove. The momentum of my strength lunged him forward and before I knew it, Ryan was on the ground. There was blood. More blood then I had expected to see when I went to check on him. I can remember clearly in my mind Ryan looking up with big, puppy dog, tear filled eyes and a pouty lip. I felt terrible and confused. His chin was profusely bleeding and I didn’t want to admit that I had done this to my little brother. I ran inside, considering ways to tell my dad how Ryan just had fell and not relate the accident to myself at all. 

My dad was not only mad, but was also panicking. My mom, the one who keeps everyone calm, was absent, so my dad didn’t know how to respond expect with yelling. We got a hold of my mom she rushed home and then later ended up taking Ryan to the emergency room.

While we waited, I contemplated all of the ways I could tell my parents about what really happened. But, when Ryan came home I was off the hook. No one wanted to talk about what happened, what the real topic was Ryan’s stitches.

I knew I had cause that black thread to be stitched into his chin and I felt so bad about it.

I didn’t tell my family the truth about what happened until about a year later. My parents were a little mad. But, there was nothing terrible about telling the truth. In fact, the bible states in Proverbs that “truthful lips endure forever”. I learned a lesson from those stitches in my brother’s chin, its always best to tell the truth and confess what you have done wrong.


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