A time I was really sorry for something I did – Tiffany Wright

We are all human, meaning we are not perfect. In life we make mistakes. As long as you learn from your mistakes, that makes them valueable in life. Learning from mistakes will make you a better and wiser person. A time I was really sorry for something I did has to be when I drove my mothers car without her permission and crash it into another car. That has to be one of the scariest moments in my life.

It was my first year in college and my mother went out of town, on a business trip. I was driving an old beat up car and my mother Chevrolet Impala was in the driveway looking very pretty and ready for a drive. I knew where the second key was ( in a basket in the kitchen ) and decided to drive her car to school without her knowing. I figure I would drive it and put it back in the driveway and she would never notice. On the way to school around 9 a.m. on a busy Friday morning a car pulled out in front of me and I pulled on brakes but it was to late. I ran right into the car. Most importantly the lady car I hit and I was okay. Both of our cars were able to be repaired. That was my first car accident, so I was scard for my safety first then realize I was not in my car and my mother was going to go crazy. Since it was her fault her insurance had to pay from the damages. My mother was so mad at me, she fuss me out like you would’nt believe. She was supposed to have punish me but she never did, she was just happy that I was safe. I felt really bad and to this day I am still apologizing for it. The lesson I learned was to never take or borrow something without permission, because how would you feel if someone did that to you. Things may not go according to the plan so you always want to protect yourself.


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