A time I was really sorry for something I did

When I was in Elementary school, my sister and I constantly fought with each other due to our 7 year age difference. We were never in the same age frame to understand what one another was going through. One night I found my sister’s diary and decided to read it at the dinner table in front of our parents. Lets just say, there were some very private things in that diary that caused my sister a great deal of embarrassment. Being so young I did not fully understand what I was even reading. Now that I am older and have gone through some similar situations as what my sister had gone through I feel very sorry for exposing such personal information, especially to our parents. I can’t imagine what I would do if someone had done this to me. Thinking back I am surprised my sister didn’t beat me up afterward. Over ten years have passed since that talk at the dinner table and my sister has most likely forgotten all about it but it something I feel horrible about now because I know I would be very angry if someone had ever done that to me. It has taught me to think twice before doing something and to ask myself how my actions will affect my loved ones.


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