A time I was reallly sorry for something I did – Michael Allen

When I was a junior in high school I went through a stage when I was wild. Trying to fit it in is not easy to do so I, being young and naive, would do what everyone else was doing. I went to a party one Saturday night with a group of people, and we all started drinking and having a good time. The party got a little out of control and the police came. This is when I was sorry for something I did, me and a group of my friends ran away from the party and the police chased us. Once they found us a few blocks over and started to question if we had been drinking and why we ran. I lied to them and told them I hadn’t been. Of course they did not believe me and made me take a breathalyzer test. I blew a .15 which I was later told was pretty high. My parents were called, and I have never seen them so disappointed in me. They had trusted me to be responsible and I had failed them. I was really sorry I had done that, and embarrassed them so bad.


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