A time I was really sorry for something I did

The same year that I was born my mom bought a ’93 Votswagon Passat, and little did she know that when I turned 16 I would be driving that same car to school everyday. So needless to say by the time I got the chance to drive it; it was in pretty bad shape. Sometimes when I drove to school the hood of the car would start smoking, and then it would trail into the inside of the car. I would tell my dad and he just said it was steam and not to worry about it. I hated that car; the air conditioning or the heat never worked. So after my grandparents died my mom inherited a blue Prius. She stopped driving her car and started driving the Prius every day to work.
While she was driving her fancy knew Prius, her old Mustang was just sitting in the driveway while I had to drive the worst car in the world. So eventually I convinced her to let me start driving the mustang to school. I drove that car to school for a while; the heat was perfect in the winter and in the summer I would put the top down sometimes. I had driven that car for about a year, until one day things changed.
I was driving my normal way to school, taking a left into a busy road of traffic when the car hit me. I had a stop sign and I had been at the stop sign for a couple of minutes when I thought I saw an opening for me to go, but for some reason as I pulled out, a women going well over the speed limit smashed into the side of my mom’s mustang. It was in front of the entire school so everyone saw it. After she hit me I just sat in my car for a few moments very confused about what had just happened. When I eventually got out of the car I could see the entire hood of the car was pushed over to the right side. I was shaking, I just knew I had totaled her car.
Luckily I didn’t get hurt and my parents didn’t seem to get too mad. They were just saying they were glad I was okay. But to this day I wish I could go back to that day and do it differently. Even though my mom drove the Prius everywhere, she adored that mustang. It was a gift to her from my dad for Christmas one year. I hope I can repay her someday.


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