A cherished item

When I was in the sixth grade, my grandmother gave me a pure gold charm bracelet with charms from countries around the world she had traveled to. This an item I will always cherish because shortly after that my grandmother passed away. I hardly ever wear this bracelet because I cherish it so much that […]

The vest

                I am a packrat. I think I possibly attribute it to seeing the movie Toy Story as a kid. Inanimate objects have always had some sort of strange energy to me, so I have trouble simply discarding them. I have so many things that I have deep emotional […]

Cherished Item

I would have to say their aren’t many material things that I actually cherish. I don’t have really memorable moments with any material things, rather with my friends and family. I guess I would have to say I cherish pictures. I love to look back at pictures from high school and remember the best days of my […]

A Cherished Item – Jonathan Reyes

Most of us, if not all, obtain an item during our childhood that we instantly become attached to. Some people even manage to keep this cherished item throughout their adolescent years and onto their adulthood. Others, reminisce over the fond memories they experienced specifically with that dear, cherished item…and sometimes they even ponder where they […]

A Cherished Item

An item I cherish most is a ring my grandmother gave me when I graduated high school. The ring had been an anniversary present from my grandfather to her, so it obviously has a lot of meaning to it. My grandparents are extremely important to me so most of the time I don’t even wear […]