Conformity – Michael Allen

What exactly is conformity? I did not know myself, sure I have heard the word,but never really knew the definition. After doing some research on the topic I came to find a very good definition, “Changing one’s beliefs to fit the social norm.” Thinking about this definition I realized that people conform everyday to different types of situations. One way I think a lot of people have to conform, in our society, is in high school. High school students feel that they have to act, dress, and socialize in certain ways to be socially acceptable. I know this happened to me. When I became a high school student, I realized that I had to dress and act a certain way if I wanted to be accepted by peers. I think even now in college I see people that conform all the time. Even the people who try to be different, by dressing a certain way, are conforming to their group of friends to fit in with them. Rather we like it or not, conformity is apart of life that we as people will always have to adjust too.


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