Conformity – Jonathan Reyes

The act of conforming hasn’t always been my ‘cup of tea.’ I would always struggle with the idea of someone having authority over me or even allowing myself to conform to anything I was not comfortable with. What I am saying, is that I’m not much of a conforming individual, clearly. I personally never took well with conformity, simply because of my personal experiences with society and my community. Being a conformist, from my personal experiences, has always been negatively correlated to giving up, which was never acceptable in my household. I may be a bit biased in this situation, but I’m simply hard-headed about conforming to anything…or at least conforming too easily at first. When I am presented with anything, I like to know what I could be conforming to, so I will not completely bash being a conformist or call them cowards, because that would be wrong on my part. I am simply too forward when I am presented with the concept of conformity because I was never allowed to see both sides of the story. When you had a rough childhood, it can do that to you, in terms of anything really…Sad, but very true. I was taught to always hold my head high and conformity was something that would have never been considered beforehand…instead, it was thought about or put off.


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