School is very conformist, and one of the very first conforming that goes on in preschool and kindergarten is gender.
Dan Savage

If we conform to others beliefs, than we will eventually run out of things to conform to. Conformity is almost intertwined with individuality. As long as we keep being individuals, we will not have to conform to any ideas that are not ours. If this is true, why (before they are even born) do we force our children to conform to the basic stereotypes of gender? Why must a little girl love pink, dresses, and dolls while little boys love trucks, sneakers, and mud? The moment that the gender of a child is announced, it’s almost as if society is saying “game on.” The mothers must pick out a pretty name for their little angel, while the fathers prepare with electronic cars and how they will teach their sons to play football. 

All throughout the media, there has been stories regarding little boys who wear tutus. We, as a society, immediately reject this. Even at a young age, a child can feel when they have done something wrong. They may not understand it, but they can feel the shame. If a little boy is feeling happy and silly, why must he conform to the typical ideas of clothing? Why can’t he walk outside and wear a tutu? Parents fear that their children will go through a stage and that these habits will immediately force them into becoming a homosexual. This just proves that conformity is something that has been mashed into our brains. The way we dress has absolutely no effect on our sexuality. That would be preposterous. Why is it that when a little girl falls down and gets hurt, we baby her to the point where she realizes that crying will help her get in her way? In another example, when a little boy gets hurt, he’s told to “toughen up” and he learns that crying will only get him in more trouble. Our pain exposure should not be based upon our gender? I personally know a few boys who could probably not withstand as much pain as other girls, but it has nothing to do with their gender. 

Why do we conform? Why do we allow ourselves to conform? Why is conformity such a large part of our society? 


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