Integrity isn’t really a word most people see very often. It’s not one of those words many use it everyday speech. To me, having integrity means having good moral values. After looking it up its roots, it also relates to wholeness and soundness. What this really directs to is for example, if a person is stuck in a moral dilemma: they were asked by one of their friends to get them a lottery ticket, and it turns out it was the winning lottery ticket. How would this person react? Would they keep the lottery ticket pretending like it was theirs? Or would they give the lottery ticket to their friend. Integrity can be defined differently from person to person. Most would probably say that giving the lottery ticket to their friend would be maintaining high integrity, whereas keeping it would not, although some could probably argue for it. This might honestly be wrong, but I also think integrity kind of has to do sticking to what you believe. For example, I have a friend who will get mad at person A, and hate them one minute, and the next they’re best friends. I would say that my friend is not all that sound or whole in their life to be able to flip flop around like that. In order for a person to be sound, they need to be able to figure out what they think is right and stick to it. One can always change their opinions or viewpoints, beliefs, or actions, but changing it all the time isn’t showing integrity, soundness or wholeness. I also think integrity is really hard to have. Sometimes what’s easy. isn’t always the best thing, and sometimes what’s hard is the best thing.


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