In China, a nation ruled by the elite, most people just listen to what they’re told and do not act out. They follow the rules provided for them. This is how I see conformity. When a person or people accepts what is asked of them and acts upon it. Conformity is seen in so many everyday places. When I was a kid I almost always listened to my parents after I was scolded. If I did something bad, and was put in time-out, I accepted it and went to time out. If I wasn’t conforming to what my parents told me I would have probably been in more trouble than if I were to listen to them the first time I was scolded. In a way, I think one could relate conformity to hegemony because hegemony is basically giving into submission. The difference would be in hegemony they may not be aware of other options, and submission might be the only thing they know. 

Another example of conformity could also be a teacher-student based relationship. Usually when teachers tell students not to do certain things, the students will listen. The same thing happens with most dominant-submissive relationships such as coaches and players. I think I conform often, especially when it comes to authority figures. If my boss, teacher, or parent lays down the rules I will listen.


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