Michael Robinson | Conformity


According to Merriam-Webster, conformity is “to act in accordance with prevailing standards or customs.” In other words, it’s going along with the crowd. It’s doing what everyone else does, so you can fit it.

I am going to tell you why you should not always conform. In conformity, one feels the need to do something in order to impress other people. For example, a person who would have never thought about doing drugs, does it merely because a cool group of people do it. A person like this, does not have willpower and a mind of his own to say no. Conformity is a man/woman without a head or a mind.

It’s very important to have a mind of your own. Being able to refuse something because of what you believe, not only makes you strong but also gives you respect among others. To be able to say no to something, when a group of people are pressuring you on to conform,  is an honorable act.

If we look throughout history, we hear stories of martyrs, who were pressured and pressured to give up what they personally believed in order to please a leader or a group of people in power. They were even threatened to suffer horrendous acts, like being burned alive. But, despite the threats and even suffering through the threat, many of them did not give in. They did not conform, in order to stay alive. They died for what they believed.

Maybe it will not be that extreme during our times, but to be able to do that is the ultimate test of willpower. To be so strong to say “no” no matter what is thrown at you. You may be teased, bullied, or alienated, but at least you have dignity. And, who knows, you may gain  some strong friends because of it. Those who refuse to conform and desire to make a change, are those who leave their mark in history and change the world.


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