Integrity- Sydney Deese

          We as people all have some kind of integrity that we try to maintain. We all have this dialect of what integrity means. Personally when I think about defining the word integrity, the only word that comes to my mind would be honesty. Integrity is about not only being honest with others, but with yourself. It can also be related to a set of ethics or rules. Being authentic should be admired in every individual; it takes a lot to be a respectable person. Telling the truth may be difficult, but at least it gets you through life the right way. Lying comes easy, but eventually the lies catch up to the person who is lying in the first place. No one wants to be around someone who sneaks their way through life.       

          Integrity can be used almost everywhere. There are several examples that can be used to describe it. For instance, every university has an academic integrity code under the class conduct of every syllabus. If one refuses to obey the rules, crucial consequences will be enforced by the dean of the university. The most common punishment would be failing the class or even being removed from the university. Cheating and plagiarism follow under the dishonesty list, and is strictly looked down on in any university. Another example would be filling out an application for a job. You would not write down things that are not true to get the job, because if they did hire you, they would eventually figure out you lied. This would not be good because you would probably get fired for being dishonest. 


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