Integrity – Jonathan Reyes

integrity (1)

When Integrity comes to my mind, I feel as if I’m looking in the mirror. My mother has been everything in my life as far as support; instilling moral values, good behavior, and manners; and the most important thing my mother valued was honesty. The concept of honesty was held high in my household, and it was never to be broken. You see, my mother, a single mother, tried her absolute best to raise me in a manner in which a ‘whole’ family would be raised. With honesty, comes integrity and I was always taught to do what is right, simply because it would “…take me places and help make new friends.”

In middle school, for instance, I became very depressed and faced many hardships, in which no child should face — especially for being so young. I was in this state because of my lack of integrity. I was faced with peer pressure, in which I had to make choices unwillingly. Blackmail can cause irrational decisions among the targeted, and the results are ugly. I was at the end of that deal, and I broke down. In turn, my mother gripped my chin that day I arrived home from school, and she lifted my head up. “I know what’s going on, and you’re better than that!” she said. “I taught you better, son. Do the RIGHT thing and speak up for yourself!”

After, I then picked myself up from that miserable atmosphere and enlightened my mother. Integrity isn’t a quality to be taken for granted. My mother was right when she offered the advice of doing the right thing. I made new friends and people respected me more for the better. Today, I thank my mother almost every day for guiding me to discover my backbone and for instilling right from wrong into my habitual actions.


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