We The People Share Ideas


                Albert Einstein once proclaimed, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Being open minded is any extremely important attribute for people to have nowadays. It describes who we are as people. In a world where everyone has an opinion and no two opinions are identical, being open minded is focal in negotiation.

                Over the years I have become more and more stubborn. I’m one of the most stubborn people that have ever existed. I want what I want and I always feel like I am right. But is that really any different than anyone else? We all have a sense of vanity and arrogance embodied within us. It’s one of the many gems of life, but the real treasure is the ability to look past your own arrogance and listen and understand other people’s thoughts and beliefs. This is what being open minded is all about.

                The opportunities in life are limitless when you allow yourself to be taken out of your comfort zone. Think about it like this, when we were all little and our parents made us eat food that we were not too keen on eating we sucked it up and just endured the nasty food. Once we tried it, more often than not, it actually wasn’t half bad. Our open mindedness at the dinner table allowed us to widen our food palette, but more importantly put our lifelong adventure of open mindedness into motion.

                As mentioned previously, open mindedness is key to survival in the real world. No one is 100% right and no one is 100% wrong. There is a fine line where each person can provide input into a solution and that is where open mindedness is beneficial, because remember, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


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