Sydney Deese: Being Open Minded


Being open minded is a sense of spontaneous engagements. It is an approach to encounter and try new things. It can be described as an adrenaline rush that allows you to feel free, and unstoppable. It is much like the bald eagle who soars above all, free and untouchable. Without knowledge and experience one may never know how great something may actually be. They could be missing out on something that might make their life incredible or could change their life forever. Taking the time to learn about new things in life is a massive step for some people. I believe that breaking out of ones shell can really make a difference in someone’s personality.

Having an open mind to several possibilities is very important. Individuals should have a sense of adventure and want to discover new opportunities. I believe it is a state of fear that keeps most people from noticing new things. People should explore their options, but in a way that does not cause them any harm. Do not let fear and pride center your life in the same old routines. A lot of individuals are living in a black and white state of mind, but I say let them be stuck in this deception, and allow us to appreciate the colors the world has to offer.


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