Sarah Cain: Being Open-Minded

I usually incorporate scripture to go along with my blog posts and explain how it relates to the topic. But as I began to think about what it means to be “open-minded”, no verses from the bible came to mind. The bible may explain open-mindedness to the truth of God’s word, but it never fully explains if we should be people of open minds in our society.


While discussing what it means to be open-minded with a friend, I realized that allowing yourself to be receptive to new and different ideas isn’t always a positive thing.


The connotation to “being open-minded” is always positive. If you are closed-minded then you are equated to being an old person stuck in your ways, not wanting to try anything new. Although most elderly are most comfortable in the ways they have always done things, at least they have values and ideas that stand firm in any situation. At least they stick to one way of doing something and don’t flip-flop around. At least they choose one side and remain faithful to it.


Say your friend stays open-minded in every situation. He is neither a Republican nor Democrat. He is neither for nor against abortion. He believes that all religions are true. Because he is so open-minded, it seems like he has no platform which to stand on. He always remains in the middle of every argument and accepts all information as truth. What kind of life would that be? What you believe to be true makes you who you are. 


I have lived my whole life here, in Charlotte, North Carolina. My dad is from upstate New York and my mom was raised in South Carolina most of her life. Although my parents might seem to never agree on everything, one thing they always will agree on is Jesus and being Conservative. This is how I was brought up. Although my parents only meant good in raising me this way, I feel like it hindered me when I began to grow up. I had everything sorted in my mind. I thought I had people figured out. Until began to learn more in school, I realized that having an open-mind in some situations is more beneficial.


The most important thing I have learned so far about being open-minded is that listening to others ideas and accepting them are important, but agreeing with them isn’t always necessary to add to what you already believe . 


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