Being Open Minded

Being open minded I think is usually a good thing. If someone is close minded they don’t learn or grow as a person. They won’t mature their individuality because they will keep the same ideas about everything. One great thing I think that helps a person become or be more open minded is traveling. For example, when I was a sophomore in High School I went to Brazil for the first time. I had never been to Latin America let alone South America. It really opened my mind to a whole different culture that I had never seen, or even really heard that much about.

Another thing that people need in order to be open minded is self awareness. If one is self aware and knows they want to be open minded, they will remember. If they’re not self aware they may not know that they’re being close minded. It’s something that I feel is either engraved into ones personality or one needs to constantly remind themselves to be self aware.


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