Being Open Minded

Do you like trying knew things? Do you like going to knew places, or meeting knew people? No matter where you go you always hear certain things about what it’s like, what the people are like, and how you are going to be treated. What if we only listed to what people said and didn’t think for our selves? Would you still try knew things? Being open minded is the key to happiness. There are many moments in life when you think something is going to be a certain way and then it turns out totally different. For example if you are doing a group project and you get chosen to be another student in the class that you’ve never talked to before, you will most likely ask your friends if they know that person. If they say only bad things about them, you will more then likely dread doing the project with them. But if you keep an open mind, it might turn out better then you think. Being open minded is also about not judgeing a book by its cover. Even though someone looks a certain way doesn’t mean that is how they act. If you went to a gas station and there was a very large guy there with dread locks and huge pants would you be scared? Just because someone is dressed like a “gangster” doesn’t mean thats how they actually are. Also in bad situations it’s good to keep an open mind because it is not always as bad as it might seem. Being open minded is keeping the uncertainty in your life; this is what makes life interesting. If we knew what was going to happen all the time, what would be the point in living? Make the best out of every situation and don’t be so quick to judge.


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