Being Open-Minded

Being open-minded is essential in life. Especially in today’s world where things are always constantly changing. I feel like people who are close minded aren’t going to get far in life because you will always be living in a box when there’s so much to the world to see. For instance, I used t work at Wal-Mart in the deli department and I dealt with several different customers at a time. This one lady I remember serving always bought meat but never cheese. Her reason was because she always believed that deli cheeses are invested by mice. So since she thinks that she always purchases her cheese elsewhere. No matter what people would tell her that’s what she believed because she was close minded. I even offered her to try a slice of cheese but she wouldn’t take it. Also being open minded can help you network with others better. People who are close minded will have a harder time communicating with others because they are always going to have their subjective opinions. I think that in America open-mindness is steady rising and will continue to grow in the future.


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