Michael Robinson | Why it is Good to Be Open-Minded

“An open mind leaves a chance for someone to drop a worthwhile thought in it.”


Do you ever get annoyed when you hear another’s opinion, yet they do not want to hear yours? Yes, me too. And, that is most likely due to a person not being open-minded enough to hear you! I believe that it is really important to be open-minded and less close-minded.

There was a time where I was closed-minded. I did not want to hear anyone else. And, as a result, I stayed wrong continuously in some areas of thought. A person who is closed-minded will learn less than one who is close-minded. You cannot learn anything new, if you close your mind to new challenging ideas. One should give everything a chance, before prejudging it with prejudice.

Being either open-mind or closed-minded affects your entire life. Who you will be and where you will be, is affected by your beliefs about a person, place, or thing. It is important for one to listen to another’s point of view and to discover what more is out there. What more is out there than what you already know. Discoveries could be anything from world countries, people, beliefs, music, movies, and various subjects. When one becomes open-minded, he becomes more intelligent, more rational, and more diverse.

You cannot close your ears, when someone is trying to get you to see their perspective and ideas. If you think you are right all the time, it will keep people from wanting to talk to you and they’ll even lose respect for you. A person seems more welcoming when he or she welcomes another’s opinion without hostility and belittlement. It just makes you open to new healthy relationships.

Listening with a respectful mindset has good benefits, such as, causing you to see something differently that you did not see before. Learning from the lives and experiences of others, will lead you to expand your mind and way of thinking. It will lead you to become a much stronger and smarter person. It allows you to see pass the prejudices and discover the substance. Thus, leading you to experience new things in life and connecting with new people.

Becoming open-minded is a good things to have, if used responsibly. If you do not listen respectfully to another, it will close them off to you and you to them. Learn to listen, and discover what’s out there that you once did not know. Be an influence to others, as you practice being a more peaceful and open-minded individual. Be open to new and different ideas that will make you a more matured and expanded person.


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