Being Open Minded – Michael Allen

When someone is open minded, to me means that they are not set in their ways and do not necessarily judge people right off. Open minded people are open for discussion on a topic and listen to the other side’s point of view before they make a final conclusion. Being from a small town, a lot of the people who have lived here their whole lives are not open to change and to new ways of thinking. In my opinion it is very important to be open minded because other wise one does not have but one set way of looking at the world, and that can make you close minded or maybe even a little boring and basic. It has always been a big deal to me to try and remain open minded. A lot of people I grew up around were not very open to other points of view, and I have come to realize that living in your own little bubble does nothing but make people bitter. When I made the transition from high school to college I had to keep my mind very open. It was kind of a culture shock to me because where I came from there were only a few different kinds of people, versus when I moved to Charlotte there was dozens of diverse groups of people. I still work on being open and unlike some of my friends from home, am grateful for the opportunity.


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