Free your mind to all the possibilities.

I titled this entry “free your mind to all the possibilities”  because this is a statement I try to my best to live by. I believe one of the best qualities a person can have is being open minded. The simple definition of being open minded is being able to open yourself up to new ideas other than your own. In our society today we have far too many closed or simple minded people that tend to hold our communities back. Having the ability to open your mind to new ideas creates new opportunities, new possibilities, and new successes. I have met so many people who hate other cultures or races just because they are different. If you have the ability to be open minded then you can understand and accept differences between people and see then as a positive, rather than a negative. We are all unique and special individuals and we must share our ideas with each other in order to learn. I always say there is much to be learned outside of the classroom and I believe opening your mind to new ideas is the best way to begin.


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