Being Open Minded- Katie Oechslin

When someone is considered to be open minded, they are thought of as unprejudiced, accepting, unbiased, etc.  Someone who is open minded doesn’t let stereotypes and other peoples opinions cloud his or her judgement.  Why is being open minded important one might ask?  I think in the society we have today, it is especially important that we keep an open mind because we are constantly learning new things and meeting new people.  If you come across someone who is unable to see your differences and alternate views on life, you are not going to want to get to that person any longer because they are already making you uncomfortable.  The best example in my life of someone that I think is the most open minded is my mother.  My mom has always given every person that walks into her life a chance.  She always says that in order to really get to know a person, you have to argue with them a little bit.  If everyone was exactly the same and had all of the same opinions, the world would be a boring place.  And yet there are still people out there that are unable to detach themselves from their single minded feelings.

I can’t begin to understand why some people are unable to accept different races, religions or even sexual orientation.  Why should it matter what someone else is doing with there life if they are happy with it themselves?  How does that give someone else who doesn’t know anything about them or the struggles they might have encountered, the right to bash on their beliefs or skin color.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone is entitled to their own voice.  If someone doesn’t like what that person has to say that is fine but to be able to recognize where they are coming from and partially understand why they might feel that way, is what being open minded is all about.


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