What’s Important in Life?

There are so many different things someone could say when you ask them what is important in life.  Thats the great part about being different and having so many different people in this world.  If someone were to ask me specifically what I thought was important in life I’d say its being able to love, forgive and forget.  It’s being close with your family and have friends that love and care about you.  It’s surrounding yourself with people that are going to be there for you no matter what.  The little things are important in life.  The things that we don’t always think are.  I can say from experience that you have to notice now what is really important before it is too late for it to even matter.  These are just my opinion I am sure there are other people who might have a few different things than me.  But thats the point of it all.  We all get a chance to decide whats important to us.  That makes life interesting and it makes meeting people even more interesting.  


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