What’s Important in Life?

Throughout ones life, I think the importance of different objects, people, ideas, etc. change. For example, as a kid for me, what was important to was having fun and painting pictures. When I was in High School it was about getting good grades and going to college, among other things. Now it’s about staying focused in school and finding an internship/job. When I get older it will probably be find a husband and have children. Then I’m sure my kids will be the most important thing in my life. As people grow, their minds grow as well. Right now for me, aside from school related things I’m really trying to become more independent and strong as an individual. This is important in my life right now especially, during such a time in my life where everything around me and in my life is constantly changing. To be secure with myself and confident is really important to me.

I watched a movie last night called, “The Way.” The story was about a man who walked all across Europe because of his son. His son had died in the beginning of this Europe trip, so his dad decided he would finish it for him and spread his ashes along the trail as he walked. To this father, his son and respecting his son was the most important thing to him.


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