What’s Important In Life

What I think that is important in my life is the personal attributes and values that effect an individual’s life. What’s important to me is my family. I grew up in a family with 6 siblings so I’m not used to being alone. I value my relationship with my mother a lot. However I don’t value material things. Items such as clothes, jewelry, and money for an example. It’s nice to have those things but those are replaceable. If you break your T.V. you can buy another one. You may not be able to afford another one right always but it is possible. If you lose you parent, you can’t get them back. That’s irreplaceable. You can build relationships with others but it will never replace that of your parent. Something else that’s important to me is my character. It is important to me that people know what type of person that I am. I feel better when people get a good understanding of who I am. I am an individual who is fun, outgoing, hardworking, and determined. It bothers me when people get a bad idea of my character because that could affect the opportunities that I want to seek out in life such as employment and referrals.


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