“What is Important in life?” Sydney Deese

When I reflect on what is truly important in life, numerous images come to my awareness. Life is about finding out who you are, and what you could to do to make a difference in this world. It can have its roller-coaster moments, but in the end you’ve experienced things that make you a distinctive individual. Never allow certain circumstances bring you down; reflect on them, and see it as a learning experience. Move on to bigger and better things. In the end those experiences allow others to see how strong you are. Life is too short to worry about mistakes; learn from them and choose to do better. Strive to be the best you can be, and live life to the fullest. Never look back, and always look forward. I believe that life can be amazing, if you wake up every morning with a positive attitude. Every day is a new day, so live it as if it was your last day.

Be who you are and never allow someone’s judgment make you feel small inside. Choose to be unlike others of our kind, and show people that you have something exceptional to offer in this world. I believe every person on this Earth has a purpose in this life. Not one human being is the same. We all carry our special gifts within us, and this allows us to be unlike anyone else living. Be silly, goofy, random, weird, or even shy. Whatever your characteristics may be, let the light shine through you and guide others to see your exquisiteness. I have learned that it is important for others to see your true reflection instead of trying to be something else; because in the end you’re hiding something that someone might really admire in you.

Explore the world; there are so many things to be thankful for. I believe that you can make almost anything an adventure. Rather it is traveling to new places, or even driving down to a nearby creek. There is so much to discover in this world; the world itself is a beautiful creation. Why let it go to waste? I believe that it is also important to surround yourself with people that challenge you to be a better person every day. They are the ones worth keeping around. Laugh with the ones you love, and be there for them through everything. In return they will be by your side when you really need them.


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