The Interconnections of Humanity

Recently, I was looking up at the stars one night at 2 AM, smoking a cigarette, and feeling lonely, and whilst laying down on a bench and gazing into infinity; I quickly realized I was in one of those rare moments where you contemplate your existence in a deeply profound way. This eventually leads one to the topic of happiness and the purpose of existence. After reflecting on this topic for an hour or so, I have come to believe that the “most important thing in life” is the relationships that we build together, including relationships with people, animals, and the entire world around us. Humanity is so deeply interconnected in a way that we fail to realize. Even those who may consider themselves to be anti-social or a recluse will find value in the relationships that they build with their surroundings. I like to spend time alone, but I feel most inspired and hungry for life when I am around companions who I feel look at the world in a similar fashion.  We can change, edit, or delete so many things in our lives, but we can never erase the connections we have made with people. This leads to the obvious conclusion that it is incredibly essential to be good to all creatures, because that is all we truly have in the world.


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