Michael Allen – What is important in life

A year ago, if I were to be asked, “What’s most important in life?” my answer would be vastly different than my answer now. Unfortunately, many other still have yet to explore another answer to this question. For many people in society, the answer to this question consists of money, power, and success. However, I like to believe that some people, along with myself, have a more complex and deep answer. The most important thing in my life is my relationships with family and friends. Willingness to be selfless for the ones I love is satisfactory and fulfilling. Life without healthy relationships would be ultimately pointless. Tangible assets such as money and power are temporary goods that can easily be taken away. On the other hand, as life progresses relationships with your family and friends will flourish or dissipate. Learning life long lessons from each relationship whether they ended, were altered, or continued.


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