Jonathan Reyes- What’s Important In Life?

Life, itself, is the most important thing to me. However, I do hold some particular interests. For instance, the three things that I hold dear and what I believe is important in my life would be: God, my family, and my significant others. These three components of my life are what act as my foundation for survival. God has always been my number one motivation in this lifespan of my 20 years. He has always guided me towards the specific life goals He has planned for, and never has He let me down. I have been grateful for all of the opportunities and people that He has placed in my life. Secondly, my family has always been my metaphoric crutch, and they always support absolutely everything that I do in life. Also, they never let me down as far as my life choices are made. My little sister, especially, has been my rock since she was born. She may only be four years old, yet she has so much potential when it comes to cheering me up. Finally, the significant others I spoke of, are mainly the people that are close to family, or those who I consider family. They really put the ‘cherry on top’ and make me feel like I am not alone when things get rough. In all, these three ultimately make up my motivation for everything I do in this life, and I have God to thank for that. They are the most important aspects of life, in my opinion, and possibly in many other people’s lives.


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