Friends, Family, and the Pursuit of Success


                The well-known phrase, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, can be summed up simply as what is important in life. Thomas Jefferson had the idea the all people should have the right to a good life, freedom, and the ability to find happiness in their own ways. Fast forward to 2013 and this motto is still incredibly relevant.

                What is important in life? When thought about, this question is an extremely vague statement. This question, however, is an important one to think about as no two people will look at life the same way. Some people may think war and conflict is important in the development of this world and others may view world peace as an important trait that needs to be reached. However one feels is special because it represents their own being.

                For me, though, the things that are important in my life are my friends, my drive to succeed in a world full of people trying to accomplish the same things as myself, and as cliché as it sounds my family. At 20 years old it is safe to say that without the support of my family I would be nowhere near where I am today. I have grown in so many ways with the help of my mom and dad. From my dad I have become an outspoken extrovert who is not afraid to speak his mind. I have grown and honed my love of sports from my dad as well and because of that this love has become a career ambition. From my mom I have learned the fine art of communicating and how to keep a level head in any situation. My work ethic has been a mutual coalition from both my parents, but because of everything that they have provided me I have set myself up to accomplish my dream of working for ESPN.

                Working for ESPN has been my dream since I was in 7th grade. I have always viewed this opportunity as the peak of the mountaintop. Due to my belief of this being the peak I have strived so hard to reach it. The importance behind this is because if I cannot complete this task then it will be a glaring failure on my resume. I will personally look at it as a missed opportunity. Although compared to other things this simple dream wouldn’t seem too important, on the contrary it is what gets me through the long days at work and school.

                The final major piece of importance in my life also is a major factor in getting me through the days. My friends are everything to me. I strive to have as many friends as I possibly could have. It makes my life easier and in turn I help to make their lives easier as well. Without friends, I would have no one to catch me when I fall or to lift me up in great successes.

                The important things in life are vastly different from person to person. It is understood that some people may not agree with what is important in my mind. While Thomas Jefferson certainly had a great idea when he professed, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, I would actually feel more comfortable changing it up a little bit to fit me personally as I continue to strive for, “Friends, family, and the pursuit of success.”

(Published By: Andrew Baker 2/11/13)



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