Self Absorption- Katie Oechslin

If someone were to come up to you and tell you were self-absorped, how would you react? Would you be upset that they said it or deep down would you feel like part of what they were saying was true? The truth is, everyone has a little bit of self-absorption today. With the growth of technology, expensive clothing and endless amounts of material items its almost impossible to not have a selfish moment. In high school, all kids want is to feel accepted and feel good about themselves. They do that through looking out for themselves first which can sometimes seem like they are being selfish. Now there is a bad side to self obsession. There are people out there that really only care about themselves and no one else. There are people that stand in the mirror for 10 minutes just staring at themselves. Trust me, I have had plenty of friends walk in and out of my life that have acted like that. What can I say though? If you think that the mirror and you is more important than having friends then I don’t want to hang around you.

Have I ever been self-absorped? Of course I have! There have been times in my life where I have wanted something to go my way and only my way. When I was a child, I had a really hard time sharing and letting other people have the spotlight. I would consider this a form of self-absorption because I was only focused on what I was doing and I wanted everyone else to be focused on the same thing. I realized eventually though, that I needed to learn how to let others in and let others feelings be important to me too. This is something I wish everyone realized about themselves. Being selfish will make you lonely. Being selfless will give you endless love.


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