Self-Absorption – Jimmy Richardson

When I first think of self absorption my mind immediately takes me to a cocky person, that doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, or opinions. Somoneone who is obsessed with themselves, and only thinks about things that are beneficial to them. Usually people may associate celebrities with self absorption, because some of them seem very self involved.. but its kind of their jobs. Usually people don’t respond well to people who are categorized as self absorbed, a self abosprbed person is most likely rude and unapproachable, because they think so highly of themselves. In my life I’ve found that lots of people you come into contact with are self absorbed. It’s really a common thing.. but that doesn’t make it an attractive or desirable quality. Personally I can’t stand to be around self absorbed people. Even though I think everyone can be self absorbed I think there are many differwent levels. It just depends on how absorbed with yourself you are.


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