Self Absorption Being the Connection

Have you ever laid down at the end of a day and tried to think of how many times you thought about yourself or ignored someone’s problems in favor of your own? I know for me, the outcome would be appalling. When we’re children, we’re taught to be mindful of others and to respect their ideas. But is that really human nature? Don’t our instincts tell us to always look out for number one? I feel as if it’s a never-ending battle happening inside of all of us; the idea of being considerate and letting others speak and the idea of just being concerned about yourself are constantly raging war. Of course, there are those that hide it better than other, the “carers”. These people volunteer for the less fortunate, they travel to poverty-stricken places and fight for those people’s health, they listen to every single one of their friends problems and give them carefully worded feedback. And that’s the way it should be in a perfect world.Self-Absorption is commonly compared with the American life because we are “ignorant”, and I honestly think that’s just bullshit. People always want to be thought of in the best of terms so some of them put on a mask and don’t act how they truly are, and that’s just unfair to themselves.

Well before I continue my rant anymore, I guess this just could all come back to me being a cynic and I guess on one hand, I agree with that. I like to think that I accept the good and bad that exists in everyone, especially myself. I care about my friends and my family, but I also care about myself. There’s different levels of self-absorption in my eyes, and if you’re able to realize that, then you’re able to realize that it affects everyone.


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