Self-absorption- Michaela Derr

Self Absorption can mean something different to each individual. For many, when talking about self absorption people think of someone who is only into themselves. They don’t seem to care for anything going on around them unless they somehow are involved. According to, self-absorption means a preoccupation with oneself to the exclusion of others or the outside world. We all know someone that is self-absorbed in some way or another. In my experiences, people I have known to be self-absorbed never had any “true” friends, more like acquaintances. Why would anyone want to waste their time with someone who only cares about themselves? That to me is an unhealthy, unbalanced relationship/friendship. Sure we can all be a little self absorbed when needed to be. For instance, let’s say you are in a bad mood and need a little “pick me up,” you are not going to hesitate to tell yourself you killed it on that exam or “damn, I am looking good today.” Whatever the situation is we have all been guilty of being self-absorbed. To me self-absorption becomes frowned upon when it becomes excessive and constantly noticeable. In my opinion, one should inquire about other people’s lives and care about the well being of others, not just themselves.


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