Self-absorption tends to be a delicate topic. In my opinion, especially considering recent events, people who tend to be self-absorbed may not be aware of it for themselves. Only the people on the outside can determine it because they can take a step back and see the self-absorption. Though, I do believe that those who are currently self-absorbed don’t always need to be. For example, one may be selfish and become blind to the fact of how selfish or self-absorbed they may be being. Sometimes all that is needed is someone to point it out to them. 

I think self-absorption can be a temporary or permanent thing. People can be that way ever since childhood. On the other hand, people can go through phases of it in their lives. Sometimes, I know from personal experience it is hard to not be self-absorbed. When I was, I had no idea, and then it hit me how self-absorbed I had been. I regret how blind I was but I have decided to be more self-aware and try to not become that selfish person again.



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