Jonathan Reyes (Self-Absorption)

The very characteristic of self absorption is interesting, because I personally had this conflict at an earlier stage of my life. I had always been the only child up until the year of 2008, and I never knew what it was to really be selfless prior to this date. When my mother had my younger sister, things drastically changed. I was being exposed to what seemed like another lifestyle or even as if I had switched lives with another individual. My ritual self-rants and specific wants were almost being snatched away from my sore grip. You see, I was too comfortable with being able to relax and even expecting that the leftovers from dinner would be all for me when I decided to have my midnight ‘snack.’ I was completely clueless on how to show interest others than myself, simply because I sincerely did not have anyone else to care for, with the exception of my mom. I lacked that selfless quality that I truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to acquire, and now that I am able to see that, it hurts me to see how many people are truly self absorbed. I have even lost a few ‘friends’ along the way of my realization of my selfishness; yet, it was all for the better. I now know both sides of the “looking glass” and I am happy that I am no longer self absorbed. I mean, if one lacks the quality of selflessness, then how can they ever be happy with themselves?


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