Brittany Moffitt – Together

When I woke up this morning, what was the first thought that crossed my mind? I am still tired. I do not want to get up. I am hungry. I really wish my class would be canceled today. As my day continues, my thoughts did not slow down. I do not feel like walking to class. I really wish this homework assignment was not due. What will I have for dinner tonight? Up until the moment I decide to end my day, my brain continues racing. I will just finish this assignment tomorrow. I am still tired. I think I’ll have a slice of chocolate cake before bed. I think I will sleep with my TV on. What do all of these ideas have in common? Self-absorption. We wake up in the morning concerned with ourselves. We continue our day, live our lives, and complete necessary tasks with the most important thing, ourselves. These thoughts continue on until the day is done. How did we all become so self-involved? How do we stop it? Must it be stopped? First and foremost, we are to take care of ourselves. Has this turned our society in selfless human beings? Imagine if each day, we took a personal thought of “what can I do today?” and changed it to “what can I do for SOMEONE ELSE today?” Small acts of kindness 365 days a year, would the world be a better place to live in? Would we be one step closer to the infamous idea of world peace? How often are we too focused on ourselves that we deem something irrelevant? These questions may seem harsh, but they are a part of a harsh reality. If we did not immediately put ourselves before everything else, think of all the things we could accomplish. Together. The most important part of this idea. If we combined our ideas, thoughts, motivations, think of all the things we could make happen, simply by working together. Seven billion people in the world with one goal, to decrease the domination of self-absorption and replacing it with the idea of coming together. As one, we may not stand a chance of making a huge difference. But together, we can conquer the world.

“Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is a process,
and working together is success.”
-Henry Ford


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