Self-Absorbtion – Colette Wheeless

Selfishness dominates society. It’s not a new fact, it’s been around since the beginning of time.  We want what is best for us, and the need to feed our own happiness is self-absorption. Even the things that we do for other people are really done to satisfy our own happiness. We’re nice to friends because we enjoy their company. We want to be around them, because that makes us happy, so we do things for them to ensure they’ll stay with us. In relationships, we put effort into making the other satisfied because we are affected by their happiness and well-being.

Since this is the case, it makes you wonder if there is ever a truly “selfless” act, because to some extent, everything we do is done to ease our own conscience, and increase our happiness and satisfaction with life.

We’re obsessed with making ourselves pretty, owning nice things, and having a positive social standing. Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t care about those things? Possibly, but it’s a rare find.


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